Great communicators sell, inspire, lead, build rapport, and get results.

Communication is more than just words.  Your tone of voice, body language, storytelling, and ability to connect with your desired audience . . . great communication is a full body experience.  We bring the toolbox of the professional actor and the skills of the voice coach to help develop your physical, mental, and emotional instrument - and create and support powerful communicators for your company.  

Whether you want a snappy lunch-and-learn or a multi-day residency with the whole team, we’ve got you covered.  Below is a selection of our signature programs, but we love to create customized programs that fit your exact needs. Let’s chat!


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What Does Authority Sound Like?

The unique challenges, expectations, and double-binds that women face as communicators, and a new model for authenticity and power.

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Communication Culture

Soft skills like empathy, listening, and speaking across communication styles are the key to happy teams and killer output - here are strategies to create that winning culture.

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Speak, Sell, Pitch, Present

If you want your audience to really hear your message, just saying words isn't enough - a 360 view of how to supercharge your verbal communication.

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