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Your voice is a powerful tool for expression and connection.

Claiming and using your voice is essential - no matter what your goals.

We clear away the roadblocks that hold you back.

Vital Voice Training - Your Voice Amplified, not just louder.



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Working with Casey & Julie absolutely TRANSFORMED my approach to public speaking! I went from rushing to get through each talk to truly enjoying my time on stage, feeling more present in my own unique self and personality, and being generous with my audience. It was a huge ‘a-ha!’ for me and simultaneously set off a snowball of new opportunities. Vital Voice helped me to identify my own unique voice and amplify it to the next level. Plus, they are just so fun to hang out with (and fun is the true secret sauce to success)!
— Piera Gelardi, Chief Creative Officer and Cofounder of Refinery29

Client Piera Gelardi of Refinery29 blew the roof off Inbound 2017 with her keynote speech on Courageous Creativity.

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