#myvoiceis Interview with Helen Bui

Editors note: Here at Vital Voice Training, we believe in empowering all voices.  With #myvoiceis we want to talk about what you are PROUD of about your voice and the people who have contributed to who you are.  


My Voice Is…

Helen Bui is a force of nature helping women learn about how to manage their finances through Skylet.

The thing I love most about my voice is…

The energy, happiness, genuineness and kindness it conveys about me!

The thing I hate most about my voice is….

Nothing :) I have learned to find the voice that makes me confident, humble, happy and compassionate.

When is a time you felt really proud about speaking up?

Right now... by building company that is focused on helping young women and empowering them to become smarter about their money. I am proud to be using my voice and helping to create change!

What other languages do you speak (This can be an actual language, or used more metaphorically).

Vietnamese, compassion, inspiration ;)

Who is the person who has most influenced your voice?

My mom. Her kindness and strength.

If you could speak to your younger self about her voice, what would you tell her?

Don't try to be like anyone else, find your true self and be that person, that is what is so special and unique about you.



Helen Bui is an entrepreneur, media & advertising veteran, advisor, lecturer, mentor and economic empowerment champion.

Helen is currently the Founder at Skylet, a platform that is helping young women become smarter about their money. Prior to Skylet, Helen was the Head of Innovation at News Corp where she was in charge of establishing and managing the Innovation program that assessed, developed, incubated, tested and launched new digital products and businesses.

Helen is dedicated to empowering others through her advisory, mentorship and philanthropic efforts. She is a guest lecturer in communications at NYU Stern, on the advisory board at Dream Project Incubator Vietnam, and a mentor at VietChallenge and The Product School.

About Skylet

Skylet is helping young women become smarter about their money. The Skylet platform offers members access to lifestage specific communities, education, information and tools. Skylet is committed to keeping young women informed and empowered to make smart decisions about their money so they can have an awesome life. Decisions about money can be complicated sometimes, but we don't think being informed about how to best manage money should be complicated. Join Skylet today!

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