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Perfect For: New leadership roles, new challenges, new visibility, and nailing real executive presence. 

Your ability to communicate is paramount to achieving success - and effective communication is about so much more than just words.

We offer in-depth, active coaching that is deeply personalized both to your specific goals and the needs of your work environment - and tools for smart, skillful communication with a core of integrity and authenticity.


Build your charisma and confidence

  • Explore the full range of your instrument, accessing more ease, volume, color, and expression

  • Create a vocabulary for how you communicate

  • Analyze the “why” of habits that aren’t serving you (talking too quietly/too fast/vocal fry/upspeak, and accent modification if desired) and how to work within your strengths to move into a more fluid way of speaking

  • Ride the wave of give-and-take during communication (including managing interruptions)

  • Deal with stress and emotion in high stakes situations

  • Claim the authority and power in your voice and presence

Past clients have experienced a more grounded voice and a very visible change in confidence at work and in their lives.

What’s Included:

  • Initial 90-minute diagnostic session

  • 9 55-minute following sessions

  • Email coaching

Price: $2400