Carrie Goldberg

I am so grateful for discovering Casey and Julie back when my business was only a year old.  It’s really easy to dismiss speech coaching as a luxury and save it for sometime down the road when you believe you’ll have tons of money. That’s a mistake, though. Speaking publicly is invaluable marketing and that’s how we can make a name for ourselves, businesses, and spread our message.  I had a speech impediment as a kid and spent my entire life cringing inside when I had to introduce myself. I always heard my first grade voice say  “I’m cowie goldberg.”  My first two sessions were spent saying my name and introducing myself. On a daily basis, I’m reminded of the benefits just from that. For one of my first big speeches, I was really stumbling in my presentation and Casey was like, "look, you have something important to say. You’re the expert. The people in your audience came to hear it.” I think about that every time I deliver a talk — it’s not about me and my ego.  It’s about something even bigger — the message I’m on this planet to convey.  Shit, Casey and Julie provide a transformative service.  

Casey Erin Clark