Jena Booher

Last spring I found out I was selected to be one of TEDxHobokenWomen's speakers.  I was so excited - yet terrified at the same time.  Even though I had lots of experience public speaking, the TED stage was no small thing.  I sought out Casey and Julie through one of their past clients.  After 10 sessions over the course of 3 months Casey and Julie taught me how to use my voice... I mean REALLY use my voice.  I had no clue how my tone, posture, eye contact, and connection to my story was so intimately tied to the outcome of my performance.  With their help I was able to deliver the TEDx talk I hoped to.  So grateful to Casey and Julie for helping me take my speaking game to the next level. 

- Jena Booher, Babies on the Brain 

Casey Erin Clark