Christy Scrivano

"I came across Vital Voice as I sought to build my executive presence and demonstrate more gravitas in my day-to-day interactions with colleagues. Through working with them, I learned simple tricks on how to sit/stand powerfully, interrupt with grace, and use my breath to adjust my voice and ultimately project a more confident version of myself. They have an incredible ability to truly understand you as a person--your motivations, frustrations, aspirations--and then personalize her advice and coaching to meet your exact needs. The physical and vocal tips, best practices, and exercises are excellent, but what I found most valuable is her ability to help instill greater confidence in myself and draw on that to make it part of my communication style. I highly recommend Vital Voice for anyone seeking to enhance their communication skills, and I look forward to future sessions."

- Christy Scrivano, Managing Director, BlackRock Financial Group

Casey Erin Clark