Liz T.

"Casey and Julie are miracle workers! In just 3 hours they transformed me from an uncomfortable and anxious speech-giver to, according to my colleagues, a confident and extraordinary presenter.  First off, they helped me shape my content so it was powerful and emotive. Then they helped me understand how to use my body and my voice to express my message.

The speech went incredibly well. I accomplished my goal- which was to give an impressive and informational speech to our investors that also created an emotional connection between me and the audience. It was by far, the best-received of more than a dozen presentations that day, and I attribute this completely to Vital Voice and how they are really different than other presentation coaches.  

I was able to give an incredible speech because Casey and Julie really pushed me outside of comfort zone. They showed me how to  truly use my body and my voice, and to step away from "memorizing" the speech, but rather, to understand the emotion and feeling I wanted to convey with each slide. I have met many presentation coaches in my day, and Vital Voice is truly different. Other coaches help you present competently and with polish, but Vital Voice takes it a step further.  If you use them, your audience will feel moved and inspired by your content- which is really, the holy grail of public speaking."

- Liz T., Venture Capital  


Casey Erin Clark