Carrie Goldberg

I am so grateful for discovering Casey and Julie back when my business was only a year old.  It’s really easy to dismiss speech coaching as a luxury and save it for sometime down the road when you believe you’ll have tons of money. That’s a mistake, though. Speaking publicly is invaluable marketing and that’s how we can make a name for ourselves, businesses, and spread our message.  I had a speech impediment as a kid and spent my entire life cringing inside when I had to introduce myself. I always heard my first grade voice say  “I’m cowie goldberg.”  My first two sessions were spent saying my name and introducing myself. On a daily basis, I’m reminded of the benefits just from that. For one of my first big speeches, I was really stumbling in my presentation and Casey was like, "look, you have something important to say. You’re the expert. The people in your audience came to hear it.” I think about that every time I deliver a talk — it’s not about me and my ego.  It’s about something even bigger — the message I’m on this planet to convey.  Shit, Casey and Julie provide a transformative service.  

Casey Erin Clark
Jena Booher

Last spring I found out I was selected to be one of TEDxHobokenWomen's speakers.  I was so excited - yet terrified at the same time.  Even though I had lots of experience public speaking, the TED stage was no small thing.  I sought out Casey and Julie through one of their past clients.  After 10 sessions over the course of 3 months Casey and Julie taught me how to use my voice... I mean REALLY use my voice.  I had no clue how my tone, posture, eye contact, and connection to my story was so intimately tied to the outcome of my performance.  With their help I was able to deliver the TEDx talk I hoped to.  So grateful to Casey and Julie for helping me take my speaking game to the next level. 

- Jena Booher, Babies on the Brain 

Casey Erin Clark
Bieke Claes

“Casey – an extrovert - and Julie – an introvert – complemented each other perfectly as co-leads of the Vital Voice workshop. Through their authenticity and humor, they were able to almost immediately create a safe and pleasant atmosphere. Where, at first, the students were very shy and hesitant to participate, Casey and Julie got them out of their shell easily. With a variety of exercises they helped the students get in touch with their voices. Once the students became conscious about the different sensations and capabilities of their voice, their faces lit up by a mix of surprise and excitement. It was wonderful to see what power voice holds and how empowering voice training can be.”

- Bieke Claes, Belcham

Casey Erin Clark
Adrienne Powell

“Casey and Julie were the highlight at our alumnae/student Women's Summit.  Both are engaging speakers but they partner beautifully--Julie draws listeners in with her warmth, while Casey is high-energy and hilariously outspoken. Both are extremely professional and highly knowledgeable in training how to elevate one's presence and communicate one's message more effectively. From the technical aspects of proper breathing, posture and taking up space to the importance of context and confidence during negotiation, Julie and Casey are highly enthusiastic and approachable but also extremely sensitive to the experiences that many women personally face. I highly recommend them as keynote speakers, workshop trainers and personal trainers. They are both a joy to work with.”

- Adrienne Powell, Director of Alumni Engagement, Illinois Wesleyan University.

Casey Erin Clark
Milda M. De Voe

“Ninety minutes of easy-to-follow, specific assistance—it is amazing to watch experts at work!—every single one of our participants improved by the end of the class. If this is what a group experience is like, the individual sessions must be knockout!”

- Milda M. De Voe, executive director of Pen Parentis, Ltd.

Casey Erin Clark
Jessica Hollinger

“I had the pleasure of bringing Casey and Julie to campus to work with our students.  During the planning process, I greatly appreciated the enthusiasm with which they created a workshop that truly spoke our students' needs.  I received overwhelmingly positive feedback from our students, one of whom said "[...] really appreciated the presenters' philosophy and the experiential nature of the training.  The presenters embodied and modeled the qualities they were teaching.  This was very enjoyable, as well as useful--Thanks!"  

- Jessica Hollinger, Associate Director of Experiential Education, Bryn Mawr College

Casey Erin Clark
Nicole Brewer

"The chemistry and rapport between the women of Vital Voice ignites any space they walk in; the effect of this type of authenticity is an unspoken permission to let your authentic self shine too. They are incredible, prepared, knowledgeable and funny!”  

- Nicole Brewer, Founder, Creative Acts Learning Center

Casey Erin Clark
Lisa Lewis

I reached out to Vital Voice before I had my first recorded interview -- the first chance to promote my coaching business on a podcast. I wanted to make a great impression and tell my story authentically without nerves coming through in my voice. I worked with Casey, who sat me down, talked with me about my communication and business goals, and had me literally tell my story. As a singer, I wasn't sure how much work I needed to do, but within minutes of starting, she identified ways I could strengthen my message in my tone, words, and body language so you can hear my energy and passion radiating through the microphone. I was blown away by how many micro-changes we worked through quickly and efficiently, and how clear and actionable every piece of feedback was. Casey is so gifted at separating the signal from the noise, making your heart shine through in your words, and giving you the boost of confidence and energy you need to grow your business. She is fabulous and I've already recommended Vital Voice to several of my friends. If you know the power of communication in improving your business or life, take the leap and get coached by these women. They are AWESOME.  

- Lisa Lewis, So Much More Career Coaching

Casey Erin Clark
Maisie Morton

"Thank you so much for the wonderful work you’ve been doing with me. Through your guidance I have greater presence and a stronger voice when working with clients and leading workshops. You create a fun engaging atmosphere in which to work, and each lesson I leave clearer on how to manage my posture and breathing in order to have impact. I’d recommend your course to anyone looking to hold their space in a more powerful, authentic way." 

- Maisie Morton, Head of Emerging Talent for North America, YSC

Casey Erin Clark
Jamie Lee

"Casey and Julie gave an outstanding interactive workshop on "What Authority Sounds Like" at Bullish Conference. With tremendous amount of thought, research, and energy, they brought together a wide range of ideas and exercises into a cohesive, fun and inspiring workshop. Working seamlessly and collaboratively, they taught breathing and speaking exercises that gave the attendees fresh perspective on using our authentic voices. As a negotiation trainer, I found their speaking and communication tips extremely relevant for projecting confidence in a wide range of negotiation situations. I highly recommend Vital Voice Training for professionals looking to improve their speaking and communication skills."

- Jamie Lee, Negotiation Coach at She Negotiates


Casey Erin Clark
Michelle Krogmeier

“I’m thrilled with the results from the investment with Vital Voice Training. During a career transition — new role, new industry, and new cultural nuances with international teammates –– I was feeling overwhelmed and I noticed I wasn’t communicating as effectively as I wanted. In a few sessions, Casey and Julie, helped me to recover my confidence and find a gift for speaking that I didn’t know I had. Casey and Julie are masterful communicators and coaches!”

- Michelle Krogmeier, Founder

Casey Erin Clark
Sarah Caffey

"I would recommend Vital Voice Training above all others! Any individual or organization looking to improve their communication skills would be wise to tap Casey and Julie for help.

They have that mix of expertise and empathy that allows them to actually help real people grow and improve. Rather than applying awkward or phony-feeling tips and tricks, Vital Voice takes the time to set their clients at ease and understand their strengths and goals. The impact is powerful.

As a professional in business development, I found working with Vital Voice Training truly priceless in navigating tricky conversations, and getting my message across in a way that really resonates. Are you in sales? Get these experts on your side.

Having attending Vital Vice Training's group workshops, I would also recommend them to any organization looking to become a group of rockstar communicators-- client-facing professionals, managers, or students and professionals just starting out could all benefit from their help.

I'm extremely impressed with Vital Voice Training and their commitment to their core mission. They are a thoughtful pair of badass feminists, and I've seen them help younger women tap into their confidence and communicate with strength and pizazz."

- Sarah Caffey, Founder of The Valkyrie Collective


Casey Erin Clark
Monica McCarthy

“Casey and Julie are at the top of their game. As a fellow public speaker, I can't emphasize enough how invaluable their knowledge about voice mastery for communicating with confidence and clarity is. This dynamic duo is a must for everyone with a meaningful message that needs to be heard. And I dare you to not have a blast when you're in their presence!”  

- Monica McCarthy,


Casey Erin Clark
Christy Scrivano

"I came across Vital Voice as I sought to build my executive presence and demonstrate more gravitas in my day-to-day interactions with colleagues. Through working with them, I learned simple tricks on how to sit/stand powerfully, interrupt with grace, and use my breath to adjust my voice and ultimately project a more confident version of myself. They have an incredible ability to truly understand you as a person--your motivations, frustrations, aspirations--and then personalize her advice and coaching to meet your exact needs. The physical and vocal tips, best practices, and exercises are excellent, but what I found most valuable is her ability to help instill greater confidence in myself and draw on that to make it part of my communication style. I highly recommend Vital Voice for anyone seeking to enhance their communication skills, and I look forward to future sessions."

- Christy Scrivano, Managing Director, BlackRock Financial Group

Casey Erin Clark
Liz T.

"Casey and Julie are miracle workers! In just 3 hours they transformed me from an uncomfortable and anxious speech-giver to, according to my colleagues, a confident and extraordinary presenter.  First off, they helped me shape my content so it was powerful and emotive. Then they helped me understand how to use my body and my voice to express my message.

The speech went incredibly well. I accomplished my goal- which was to give an impressive and informational speech to our investors that also created an emotional connection between me and the audience. It was by far, the best-received of more than a dozen presentations that day, and I attribute this completely to Vital Voice and how they are really different than other presentation coaches.  

I was able to give an incredible speech because Casey and Julie really pushed me outside of comfort zone. They showed me how to  truly use my body and my voice, and to step away from "memorizing" the speech, but rather, to understand the emotion and feeling I wanted to convey with each slide. I have met many presentation coaches in my day, and Vital Voice is truly different. Other coaches help you present competently and with polish, but Vital Voice takes it a step further.  If you use them, your audience will feel moved and inspired by your content- which is really, the holy grail of public speaking."

- Liz T., Venture Capital  


Casey Erin Clark
Gesche Haas

Thank you so much for your generosity, for going above and beyond to reach out, make me feel special, capable, empowered.

In one hour alone you've planted so many seeds that I know WITHOUT A DOUBT will change my life. I will never forget what you did for me!

You both have an incredible talent = shared talents, and very special talents of your own. And more than anything I was touched by how much you care + the genuine love you have for what you do and for the people you do it for.  

- Gesche Haas, Founder of Dreamers//Doers


Casey Erin Clark