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Casey and Julie are miracle workers! In just 3 hours they transformed me from an uncomfortable and anxious speech-giver to, according to my colleagues, a confident and extraordinary presenter.
— Liz T, Venture Capital

For Individuals

What do voice coaches do?

Most vocal issues are a result of physical tensions that restrict how well your body is able to resonate and carry sound. These tensions are often exacerbated by our daily physical habits - and, believe it or not, our internal self-talk, emotions, and thoughts (for example: if we create a feedback loop of how much we hate our voice, odds are we will stop speaking up or restrict the volume of our voice, which keeps us from being able to use our instrument to its fullest). We work with our clients on both the physical and the mental/emotional levels to access the full range of what your voice is capable of. We’ll show you how to get out of your own way. Our approach is very solutions-based. Instead of trying to “fix” it, we can show you how to make what you have shine. What you may see as an obstacle can often be a source of great power.

My boss tells me I don’t sound confident. Would voice coaching help?

Yes! After working with us, our clients consistently tell us that they feel more confident, and that they are perceived as such by their colleagues as well. The work we do — accessing your whole voice — works to build confidence in speaking, and also leads to a physical presence that projects more confidence.

Can you help me feel less nervous speaking in public?

Vital Voice-233.jpg

Yes (and we’re way more effective than telling you to just imagine the audience in their underwear). We address nerves from many directions–what nerves do to your body, how great preparation can help, how to reframe negative sensations, and how to conquer the ultimate nerve-inducer: perfectionism. The key comes in figuring out the big WHY underlying your nerves and how to use that to your advantage. Click here to learn more about how we can help you nail your next public speaking engagement.

Will I still sound like myself after coaching?

Absolutely. Our role as voice coaches is to bring out your authentic sound, not to train you to sound like someone else. Our clients tell us after working with us they sound even more like themselves than ever before.

What is authentic voice?

Finding your authentic voice means uncovering the voice beneath all the habits you have developed over a lifetime. Another definition we love is that your authentic voice is the one that matches your inside feelings to their outside expressions. Authenticity is not a fixed point–an authentic voice is flexible and able to respond to any given circumstance. An authentic voice is also one that takes into account your values, background, and the meaning you desire to make in the world.

Can I really change my voice?

Yes and no. Our goal is not to “change” your voice, but rather change the habits that hold you back from finding its full range of expression. The human voice is an amazingly flexible instrument (just think of those voiceover artists who create dozens of different characters!). Everyone has an innate structure to their vocal cords and the sound with which their body resonates,  but you can increase the natural range and flexibility of your voice with practice. Think of it like exercise – not everyone can naturally do the splits or bench press their own body weight, but everyone can increase their flexibility, strength, and range of motion with consistent effort and practice. Adding that range and flexibility to your voice broadens your “palette” of sound to play with.

How long does it take?

Your results hinge on your specific goals and the effort and dedication you put into practicing with us and on your own. That doesn’t mean that you can’t expect to see results soon. Our various private coaching packages are designed to address your specific goals in focused terms.

Like practicing yoga, singing, painting, writing, and any other pursuit that is so connected to your deepest self, your voice is something you can work on and continue to explore your whole life. It has always, and will continue to grow and change with you. Expect big, exciting changes when you are ready and willing to step out of your comfort zone.

So you’re vocal coaches, does that mean I have to sing? / I’d love to sing. Do I get to sing?

Whether you are presenting in a meeting or singing in the shower, your voice is an instrument. Singing and speaking are just (slightly) different ways of using that instrument. As such, we sometimes use singing exercises to unlock different ways of thinking about your speaking voice. This is entirely optional but our clients usually love it! All of our activities are super low-pressure, non-judgmental, and designed for fun. What kind of music are you itching to sing? We’re up for adventure!  (If you're interested in singing lessons specifically, Casey can help you with that.  Email her here.)


What kind of people do you usually work with?

We work with a wide range of people and industries including the marketing, finance, pharmaceutical, medical, education, and business sectors. Our clients are women and men of all ages and nationalities. Our approach is effective for anyone who wants to access the fullness of their self-expression through their voice and presence.

What issues does your work help solve?

We work with individuals with concerns such as:

·       Being too loud or too quiet
·       Speaking too fast or  too slow
·       Too much or too little nasality
·       High pitched voices
·       Vocal fry
·       Upspeak
·       Shyness
·       Speaking up in meetings
·       Difficulty being understood because of an accent
·       Projecting more confidence and authority
·       Learning to interrupt more effectively
·       Nerves around public speaking
·       Navigating teleconferences.
·       Stepping into a client-facing role at work

I totally vocal fry. Should I care?

We wrote a blog post about this.

I have a big presentation coming up. Can you help?

Happy to! And we have a private coaching option just for this situation.

I have a medical issue affecting my voice. Can you help me?

We are not licensed speech pathologists or ear/nose/throat specialists. We are equipped to help you learn to use your voice in a healthier way (relieving unhealthy tension, using breath efficiently, etc.), but for more clinical issues, we are happy to refer you to someone who can help.


For Companies and Groups

Vital Voice-97.jpg

What kind of work do you do with companies and groups?

We do group work in the form of seminars, lunch and learns, interactive workshops, day long intensives, etc.  We're also happy to bring individual coaching programs to your employees.  For lots more detail, click here. 

Will you build a custom program for my company?

Yes we will.  Reach out to chat with us about your goals, and we'll come up with the right programming together.

My company/group is not located in NYC or San Francisco.  Do you travel for workshops?

We've been all over the country (and out of it as well) - just give us a minute to pack our carry-ons!

The Illinois Wesleyan University Annual Women's Conference - the theme was "Raise Your Voice".

The Illinois Wesleyan University Annual Women's Conference - the theme was "Raise Your Voice".

Do you work with universities/schools?

We do and we love it.  Our work is particularly suited for career development (interview skills, developing an elevator pitch, etc.), confidence building, and female empowerment/diversity initiatives.  

Do you work with non-profits? Do you do pro-bono work?

We've worked with many dynamic non-profits and with organizations that are out to change the world, and we particularly love those who work with gender diversity and empowerment, LGBTQ+ issues, and at-risk kids and teens.  We have limited slots for pro-bono work, but if your organization is on a tight budget, please reach out.


Nuts and Bolts

Where are you located?  Can you come to my office?

We are a bi-coastal agency, with Casey in NYC and Julie in San Francisco. We’re also quite mobile and are happy to travel to your office if necessary (contact us for special arrangements/cost), but we have found that clients feel more open and free to explore in our private Vital Voice spaces in midtown Manhattan and San Fran.

I don’t live in the New York area or San Francisco; can I still coach with Vital Voice?

Absolutely! We teach private sessions online and are available for group trainings via video conference.

What times are you available?

We can accommodate morning, day, and evening appointments. Contact us here for our current availability.

Will my company pay for this? Do you have any informational material you can send them?

Your company might be willing to pay for your coaching. Several of our clients work with us via their departmental or personal development funds. We have a packet ready to send to any interested parties in your office that outlines the scope of our work and its benefits. Contact us for more information.

Do you take credit cards?

We take all major credit cards, checks, cash, and pie*.

*not really