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This is the Deep Dive.  

What would it feel like to be so confident in yourself, your ideas, your voice, your body, that giving a speech was fun?  Oh honey, it’s so possible...get ready to shine like the top of the Chrysler Building.

Get comfy with charisma. Create a deep connection to your audience (small or large) without fear. Understand how to use language to make it meaningful, and how to use the fundamentals of communication to create engagement and change. 

We’re not your fairy godmothers.  We’re your coaches and partners, and this ain’t paint by numbers. We’re going to get to the core of your instrument, your habits, and your values so you can learn how to work with them.

  • Build your charisma and confidence

  • Explore the full range of your instrument, accessing more ease, volume, color, and expression

  • Analyze the “why” of habits that aren’t serving you (talking too quietly/too fast/vocal fry/upspeak, and accent modification if desired) and how to work within your strengths to move into a more fluid way of speaking  

  • Manage stress, nerves, and emotion in high stakes situations

  • Content creation and storytelling: write it, shape it, streamline it, and land it.

  • Claim the authority and power in your voice and presence

Ready to roll up your sleeves and dive in?  We’re ready to show you your own brilliance.  Let’s get to work.

What’s Included:

  • Initial 90-minute diagnostic session

  • 9 55-minute following sessions

  • Email coaching

Price:  $2400