You’ve got ideas. Your work is getting noticed. You’re ready to share your message on bigger stages. But you may be wondering how to share it in the most effective way.

At Vital Voice, we help you understand what’s going on in your body as you speak. We’re not into quick fixes or surface-level vocal tricks. We have a special knack for seeing your full potential and immediately identifying where you’re getting in your own way so we can get you back on track. We clear away the roadblocks that keep you from sounding like your true self, and help you tap into your grounded, confident core.  It's not about putting on a "take me seriously" voice - it's real transformation.

Meet the public speaking goddesses - I can’t speak highly enough of them.
— Katia Verresen, KVA Coaching

What makes Vital Voice Training different from other public speaking or speech coaching companies?  

Our years of training as both actors and voice and speech coaches give us a deep knowledge of your voice and body as a physical, mental, and emotional instrument.  Theater is a training ground for action - stepping into the spotlight with bravery, releasing perfectionism to give a present performance (instead of a boring "perfect" performance - theater people know there's no such thing), and living through connected communication with your scene partners and with your audience.  Our coaching toolbox is varied, dynamic, and fun. Within one session, we may have you rapping to the Hamilton cast album or singing karaoke with Prince, improvising a conversation with your boss or direct reports, reading Shakespeare or Bust magazine out loud, or making sounds you've never heard come from your throat before - all with an ultimate eye (and ear) on your specific communication goals.  No two clients and no two lessons are exactly the same.  

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You’ll work with both Julie and Casey, bringing you the benefit of our years of experience, our shared philosophy, and our two complementary approaches to accessing your Vital Voice.

Your voice is a powerful tool for expression and connectionTrue powerful communication happens when your voice is grounded in the core of who you are. When you connect with your authentic voice and presence, you can respond easily in the moment with all the best you have to offer. You land your message, and you create a space of true connection and understanding.

And this is the heart of our mission:

We want to change the world - by teaching a deeper, freer, more dynamic understanding of what effective communication looks like.


In order to create this new paradigm, we need everyone’s voice at the table - particularly voices that have been marginalized for too long. When we understand how communication really works and have access to our voices, we can start to change how we talk to each other, how we really listen, and how we collaborate to make the world a better place.

It starts with claiming and using your voice. 

Bring your message.  Let's get to work.

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Meet Casey and Julie


Casey Erin Clark, Co-founder

Casey Erin Clark is a professional actress who, after 18 months on tour with Les Miserables, read the book Half the Sky and got very fired up about issues facing women in the world today. The answer to “what can I do?” came out of her passion for the human voice. Casey co-founded Vital Voice Training, a voice and speech coaching company on a mission to change the conversation about what women are “supposed” to sound like and empower everyone to own the power of their full vocal instrument and presence. She also teaches singing to pros and amateurs of all ages, performed on the 2013 Oscars with the Les Mis movie cast, and will be featured on the upcoming concept album for brand new musical The Innocence. Casey sang her first solo at 4 and was branded “bossy” back in kindergarten — she can recommend the best breakfast in most major cities in the US — and is happy to demonstrate the Lafayette speed rap from Hamilton. @caseyerinclark and @vital_voice


Julie Fogh, Co-founder

Julie Fogh (pronounced "fog") is from Seattle but has migrated to San Francisco via New York, Denmark and Dekalb, Illinois where she earned an MFA in acting from Northern Illinois University. Julie is a certified Associate Teacher in Fitzmaurice Voice Work and has been an adjunct professor with Manhattanville College teaching Voice and Speech and Acting. She founded Vital Voice Training with Casey Erin Clark in 2014 to bring voice work to a larger audience. Their mission is to to create a new paradigm for effective communication and start to change how we talk to each other, how we really listen, and how we collaborate to help everyone understand the power of their voice. She has worked with clients across many industries from Finance to Pharmaceuticals, and specializes in working with introverts. When she is not voice coaching, she loves reading YA novels, chef memoirs, and hanging with her very vocal rescue cat, Clementine. @julievoicecoach and @vital_voice