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Game-changers, world-shakers, and movement-leaders:  If you are an experienced speaker ready for the biggest stages, this package is designed for you.  

The last 10%.  The big game.  The top tier.  

We call it "The 360" because we're going to dig into all of it:  your message, your audience, your process, your prep, your body language, tone, diction, and vocal health.  

We can answer questions like:

  • Is my delivery fully supporting my message?

  • I’m getting great feedback, but I still don’t feel like I’m nailing it - what’s missing?

  • Is it possible to feel as comfortable in ::this venue:: as I do in ::this other venue::?

  • I feel great with certain interviewers but terrible with others.  How can I feel comfortable and in control when I’m on the receiving end of the hard questions?

  • What does my audience really think of me and my message?

  • Are all of the elements of my personal brand reading clearly onstage?

  • Am I consistently reaching my audience on a gut level and driving action?

This package can include:

  • Interviews with people who've heard you speak

  • In-depth video analysis

  • A custom survey and analysis of your audience/mailing list

  • Content creation and storytelling: write it, shape it, streamline it, and land it.

  • One-on-one coaching

  • In-person support at appearances (we'll warm you up, get you ready to rock, beam at you from the audience, and debrief afterwards)

The 360 experience is entirely customized for you.  Contact us with your goals and your questions and we’ll build it together.  Starts at $10,000.