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About VVT

Casey and Julie

You’ve got an idea. Your work is getting noticed. And you’re excited to share your message with the world. But you may be wondering how to share it in the most effective way.

At Vital Voice we help you understand what’s going on in your body as you speak. We’re not into quick “fixes” or surface-level vocal tricks. We have a special knack for seeing your full potential and immediately identifying where you’re getting in your own way so we can get you back on track. Our methodology clears away the roadblocks that keep you from sounding like your true self, and tap into your grounded, confident core. You’ll work with both Julie and Casey, bringing you the benefit of our years of performing experience, our shared philosophy, and our two complementary approaches to accessing your Vital Voice.

Your voice is a wonder — a powerful tool for expression and connection.

Once you understand how to access your voice, the second step is to understand which parts of the communication equation are under your control and which parts aren’t. When you understand how communication really works, you can trust yourself and adapt in the moment.

And this is the heart of our mission — creating a deeper understanding of what effective communication really looks like.

True, powerful, communication happens when your voice is grounded in the core of who you are. From that place of presence you can respond easily in the moment with all the best you have to offer. You land your message, moving your audience to become part of your vision. And you create a space of true connection and understanding allowing you to bring something new into the world.

In order to create a new paradigm for effective communication, we need everyone’s voice at the table. When you understand how communication really works and have access to your voice, you can start to change the paradigm of how we talk to each other, how we really listen, and how we collaborate to make the world a better place.

Change starts with claiming and using your voice. We help you be heard so you can change the world, or your corner of it.


1. Your voice is singular, the only one of its kind.

There is no one else who can speak your words better than you can. Your voice is the instrument you were born to play–we’ll help you play it well. Amplify your message (don’t just make it louder) so it can be heard.


2. To access your voice, focus on whole-body, long-lasting solutions, not quick “fixes.”

We meet you where YOU are, assessing your particular needs, strengths, and challenges in this particular moment. It’s easy to get caught up in the external trappings of what you “should” sound like, but to get to the core of WHY your voice does what it does, we look at the whole person, accessing both the physical and emotional components of effective communication. We see you clearly so you can be heard clearly. We don’t Febreeze the problem–we’ll help you do your damn laundry.


3. Relax. You’ve got this.

An empowered voice is full of joy and ease. The work required to get you to this place of knowing may be challenging, but the answer is never “try harder.” Forcing it only increases the tension you feel, making it harder for you to access your inner wisdom and harder for your message to land in the way it was intended. Relaxing into what you mean — rather than strong-arming the right answer — means that communication lives and breathes and CHANGES as you do. Finding ease and flow in how you communicate frees you to be who you truly are at your best.


4. The “not-so-magical secret” to charisma: Presence

Charisma is not about putting on a mask — it’s about taking off all the filters we’ve put up that get in the way of showing up as who we truly are. It’s about being you in all your perfectly imperfect humanity. (Note: This isn’t the same as showing up to work in ripped jeans and flip flops. Successful communication does require presenting yourself in a way that is appropriate for the environment and situation.) Truly effective communication happens is in a place of presence — of being fully aware of all the factors at play in the present moment. We’ll help you get to the core of what being present feels like so you can bring this awareness to every interaction. Authentic voice trumps perfect voice EVERY TIME.


5. Your voice matters

Learn your instrument. Understand that true communication is a two-way street. Land your message so you can create amazing new things in the world. Think big. What do you want to DO with your voice? What influence can you have? When you understand what’s really at play in the communication equation you can co-create a new paradigm for communication and a collaborative vision of our world. Your voice can change the world. You deserve a place at the table. Claim your voice. Start your movement.

Ready to be heard? We’re listening. Contact us here.

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Photo credits: Elizabeth Romanski and Lorah Haskins