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What our clients are saying . . .


“I came across Vital Voice as I was pursuing a senior-level title promotion within my firm and seeking to build my executive presence and gravitas. They have an incredible ability to truly understand you as a person–your motivations, frustrations, aspirations–and then personalize their advice and coaching to meet your exact needs. The physical and vocal tips, best practices, and exercises are excellent, but what I found most valuable is their ability to help instill greater confidence in myself and draw on that to make it part of my communication style. The advice I gained helped me achieve my goal of becoming Managing Director, and more importantly, helped me establish authority while still holding true to my personality. I highly recommend Vital Voice for anyone seeking to enhance their communication skills, and I look forward to future sessions!”  —  Christy Scrivano, Managing Director, BlackRock Financial Services


“Casey and Julie gave an outstanding interactive workshop at the Bullish Conference. With tremendous amount of thought, research, and energy, they brought together a wide range of ideas and exercises into a cohesive, fun and inspiring workshop. Working seamlessly and collaboratively, they taught breathing and speaking exercises that gave the attendees fresh perspective on using our authentic voices. As a negotiation trainer, I found their speaking and communication tips extremely relevant for projecting confidence in a wide range of negotiation situations. I highly recommend Vital Voice Training for professionals looking to improve their speaking and communication skills.” — Jamie Lee, Negotiation Trainer


“Casey and Julie are at the top of their game. As a fellow actress and public speaker, I can’t emphasize enough how invaluable their knowledge about voice mastery for communicating with confidence and clarity is. This dynamic duo is a must for everyone with a meaningful message that needs to be heard. And I dare you to not have a blast when you’re in their presence!”  —  Monica McCarthy, Founder, The Cheshire Parlour


“There is often not enough attention given to the power of women and their voices.  Casey and Julie tackled that by empowering our group to understand how certain communication habits can curtail our growth in every arena.  The presentation and exercises were fun and straightforward, making the experience even more memorable.  What I learned about “upspeak” and other speech patterns really stuck with me and amazingly enough, I can now identify them in others.  The session was impactful and highly intentional.  Thank you both!”  J. Dodd, ProCure Cancer Foundation


“Thank you so much for the wonderful work you’ve been doing with me. Through your guidance I have greater presence and a stronger voice when working with clients and leading workshops. You create a fun engaging atmosphere in which to work, and each lesson I leave clearer on how to manage my posture and breathing in order to have impact. I’d recommend your course to anyone looking to hold their space in a more powerful, authentic way. — Maisie Morton, Head of Emerging Talent for North America, YSC


The chemistry and rapport between the women of Vital Voice ignites any space they walk in; the effect of this type of authenticity is an unspoken permission to let your authentic self shine too. They are incredible, prepared, knowledgeable and funny!”  – Nicole Brewer, Founder, Creative Acts Learning Center


“I had the pleasure of bringing Casey and Julie to campus to work with our students.  During the planning process, I greatly appreciated the enthusiasm with which they created a workshop that truly spoke our students’ needs.  I received overwhelmingly positive feedback from our students, one of whom said “[…] really appreciated the presenters’ philosophy and the experiential nature of the training.  The presenters embodied and modeled the qualities they were teaching.  This was very enjoyable, as well as useful…Thanks!”  — Jessica Hollinger, Associate Director of Experiential Education, Bryn Mawr College


Julie Fogh is an angel and a natural-born coach. I’m a writer, and I know there’s nothing worse than watching an uncomfortable writer speeding through a bad reading. In just a few sessions, Julie gave me simple adjustments that really made a big difference! I have the confidence to go on my book tour now. I would definitely recommend her to anyone who has a public speaking engagement of any variety coming up.” — Suzanne Rindell, Author of The Other Typist and Three Martini Lunch


Casey was very quick to really understand what my objectives were and had a range of techniques to ensure that I really made the most out of my voice coaching.  I think the most beneficial part was being pushed out of my comfort area to really improve my storytelling / presentation voice.  Casey is very enthusiastic and obviously knows her stuff, it was good to be taught by a real expert!  I would certainly recommend her if I knew anyone who needed similar work.”  — Oliver Parkes, Marketing Director, CH Marketing, Singapore


“Julie is brilliantshe has a graceful way of leading you to your own answer.” —  Laurie Schroeder, Medical Educator and Standardized Patient Specialist


Casey absolutely saved my voice! She helped me diagnose some bad vocal habits, gave me renewed confidence in my speaking ability, and taught me how to use breath and pitch to make my voice sound (and feel) its best. I’d recommend her to anyone looking for speech and vocal coaching.”  — Christy Harrison, nutritionist and host of “Food Psych” podcast


“Julie is completely there and present to listen to what your goals are and what exactly it is you think may be holding you back from achieving those goals. She assesses you without judgement and gives good constructive feedback that is extremely helpful, easy and attainable. She really took her time to breakdown my own thought process before, during, and after interviews. It helped me get out of my own head and be present within my own body. She is an amazing and open coach that guides you to be comfortable with yourself so that you exude that confidence when you walk into your interview, audition, or whatever you were fearing or struggling with before you walked into your session.”  — Ashley Kolarcik, Real Estate Agent


“I have been trying to overcome fear of public speaking and wanted to learn from someone with professional experience using their voice and being in front of audiences. Casey has been all that and more. She is professional, yet fun, intelligent and impressive. She has shown me specific body and muscle techniques to manage voice nuances and levels of sound, as well as body positioning and relaxation techniques. Through the exercises that we have done together, I have observed being able to control the sounds and vibrations of my voice and actually like what I hear. I am very excited for every lesson we do together and feel liberated and happy after.”  — Tina Boyadjieva, Photographer