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Group Workshops and Seminars


Group Workshops and Seminars

We offer voice and communication seminars for:

[/fusion_text][checklist icon=”fa-asterisk” iconcolor=”#77e2bf” circle=”” circlecolor=”#ffffff” size=”medium” class=”” id=””][li_item icon=”fa-asterisk”]Businesses[/li_item][li_item icon=”fa-asterisk”]Business Clubs and Organizations[/li_item][li_item icon=”fa-asterisk”]Public Sector Agencies and Non-Profits[/li_item][li_item icon=”fa-asterisk”]Colleges, Universities, and Student Groups[/li_item][li_item icon=”fa-asterisk”]Volunteer Groups[/li_item][/checklist][fusion_text]Topics can include interview prep, networking, getting the most out of meetings, how to give a presentation, coaching for thesis/dissertation defense, etc.

Do you have a voice or communication issue you’d like us to help your organization with? Reach out to us and we’ll discuss your idea! We offer 90-minute and 3-hour seminars, day-long or weekend workshops, and ongoing classes.

Pricing is based on group size, format, and location.
Email vitalvoicetraining@gmail.com for more details.