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At its foundation, your company is in the business of creating a new vision in the world.  Your employees are the vital voice of your company – and we will help them communicate effectively within your organization and share your message with the world at large.

To grow your vision from idea to reality, you need to find the communication sweet spot where company mission, professional integrity, and personal charisma meet. As your team learns to speak from this place of presence, clients engage willingly and enthusiastically. Good ideas get heard and discussed collaboratively. Introverts express, extroverts connect, and future leaders are nurtured. Great communicators create real rapport both in and out of the office. Focused, present communication connects your desired audience to your message.

Does your organization have the skills it needs to communicate its value to key stakeholders?

Do you wish your employees felt more confident in speaking up and expressing their ideas?

Are your employees suddenly more “visible” than they used to be?  How can you support their growth and success?

Do you need strategies to run meetings more efficiently so they don’t devolve into “those who are loudest win”?

After training with Vital Voice, your team will have the communication skills necessary to effectively collaborate with each other, with clients, and with other companies to create new initiatives and to bring your company’s new vision to the world.

Through targeted workshops, seminars, and personal one-on-one coaching, Vital Voice Training strengthens both your intra-office and client-facing speech and communication skills, freeing the voice of your organization to be heard at all levels of influence and innovation.

“Casey and Julie gave an outstanding interactive workshop on “What Authority Sounds Like” at the Bullish Conference. With a tremendous amount of thought, research, and energy, they brought together a wide range of ideas and exercises into a cohesive, fun and inspiring workshop. Working seamlessly and collaboratively, they taught breathing and speaking exercises that gave the attendees fresh perspective on using our authentic voices. I highly recommend Vital Voice Training for professional women looking to improve her speaking and communication skills.” — Jamie Lee, Negotiation Trainer and Speaker

Casey and Julie presentation

Freeing the Voice of your organization calls you to understand, address, and answer the fundamental questions that form the base of strong, clear business communications:

What are your company’s core communication values?

How do you want your employees to be “seen and heard” by their fellow employees, current and potential clients, other companies in your sector, etc.?

What is getting in the way of clear communication in your office?

What is the state of communication in your organization? Do your employees interact well with each other? Is your conference room a battleground of interrupting? Are good ideas being heard, and great ideas being synthesized collaboratively?

In this world of noise and distractions, rote practice and dry exercises fall flat.  Great communication is an art.  Let Vital Voice be your partner and breathe life into your message so it can come to life in the world.

Your organization is ready to make a big impact. It’s time to let your voice be heard.

Past group workshops have included the following subjects:

Your Voice Matters — An introduction to our core philosophy of authentic voice with room for round-table discussion and hands-on practice.

What Does AUTHORITY Sound Like? An information-packed seminar designed to address issues specific to women’s voices in the workplace.

Breathing 101You’ve been doing it your whole life–now let’s take a deeper look! With humor and room for audience participation, we look at the myth of the deep breath, how the idea of good posture is making us tense, the “magic” of back space, and the crucial role breath plays in communication.

Speak Your Value — Articulating your personal value and values, as well as your company’s, is crucial in today’s fast-paced business environment. Here’s how to do it with savvy, finesse, and sincerity.

Understanding Interrupting — Some people can’t stand it. Some people can’t communicate without it. How do we create a culture of listening when everyone comes to the table with different communication styles? Start here.

Each of these topics can be modified into seminar discussions or hands-on workshops, as well as 60 minute, 90 minute, and 3 hour formats.


Ready to get started, or have a specific topic you want to see addressed? Reach out to us here.

“There is often not enough attention given to the power of women and their voices.  Casey and Julie of Vital Voice Training tackled that by empowering our group to understand how “bad” communication habits can curtail our growth in every arena.  The presentation and exercises were fun and straightforward, making the experience even more memorable.  What I learned about “upspeak” and other speech patterns really stuck with me and amazingly enough, I can now identify them in others.  While our session was limited due to the time restrictions of the overall event, it was impactful and highly intentional.  Thank you both!” — J. Dodd, Committee of Interns and Residents

“Casey and Julie are at the top of their game. As a fellow actress and public speaker, I can’t emphasize enough how invaluable their knowledge about voice mastery for communicating with confidence and clarity is. This dynamic duo is a must for everyone with a meaningful message that needs to be heard. And I dare you to not have a blast when you’re in their presence!” Monica McCarthy, www.theimpresaria.com