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For Individuals

Individual coaching is the best way to access the voice that you want representing you in the world.  

Below are three ways to work with us – if you have any questions, please contact us for a free 15-minute phone consultation.

“I came across Vital Voice as I sought to build my executive presence and demonstrate more gravitas in my day-to-day interactions with colleagues. They have an incredible ability to truly understand you as a person – your motivations, frustrations, aspirations – and then personalize the advice and coaching to meet your exact needs. The physical and vocal tips, best practices, and exercises are excellent, but what I found most valuable is their ability to help instill greater confidence in myself and draw on that to make it part of my communication style. The advice I gained helped me achieve my goal of becoming managing director, and more importantly, helped me establish authority while holding true to my personality.  I highly recommend Vital Voice for anyone seeking to enhance their communication skills, and I look forward to future sessions.”   – Christy, Finance Industry

Voice Mastery-9

Public speaking doesn’t have to be a fate worse than death. When you understand the various elements at play, giving a speech can be something you come to enjoy. We demystify the process of crafting and delivering a powerful speech so that you can comfortably and powerfully speak your truth.

Powerful speeches require an understanding of three important elements:

  • Audience — Who’s going to be there? How big is your audience? What is the best way to reach this particular group of people?
  • Meaning — What’s the significance of this event to you and to your audience? How do you feel about the event? How do you deal with nerves? (Don’t worry, it doesn’t involve imagining your audience in their underwear.) How can you connect your voice to your emotions to bring out the speech that’s in your mind and heart?
  • Message — What message do you want to land? Are your stated objectives and personal objectives in line? Does your message come through clearly in the text of your speech? How do you connect with your voice and your audience to land your message?

We will work closely with each individual to determine your specific needs and lay the foundation for delivering an impactful speech, enhancing your innate strengths.

In the end, you will have an impeccably prepared, well-crafted speech that you feel confident in and ready to give.

It’s time to let your message be heard.

Time Frame: One two-hour session plus a 1-hour follow up with either Julie or Casey

Perfect For: Wedding toasts, Presentations, Keynotes, Political, Valedictorian, Screen Test, Panels, Author Readings

What’s Included: Crafting the speech including writing (refining objective, how to create meaning with language), effective delivery (presence and power), and a written follow up.

Cost: $597

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Voice Mastery-8

Ready to step out of your comfort zone and into the limelight? Wondering how to claim your place at the table without giving up what makes you unique?

As you learn to amplify your voice (not just make it louder) you can step out of the shadows and claim your leadership with confidence and presence.

What do you want your voice to reflect about who you are?

Are you:

Calm and competent?

Engaging and charismatic?

Powerful and authoritative?

Discovering your own unique communication style is the best way to get your message out into the world.

In this very information-intensive one-on-one workshop, we focus on the skills necessary for effective communication as a thought leader (that’s you!):

  • Identify and navigate different communication needs (transition from subordinate to boss)
  • Communicate for the job you want, not the job you have (like dressing for success)
  • Identify what gets in the way of effective communication and how you may be losing power in ways you don’t realize (“Explaining is losing”)
  • Reframe communication from a battleground and a “gotcha game” to an act that empowers you to make your vision a reality
  • How to talk about your strengths — articulating your process, value, and values. Speaking your truth in many ways IS your value. Your audience wants to know how you think, how you problem solve, who you are on the team. We must learn to step up and show up in order to be truly seen.
  • Navigate tricky interview questions with poise
  • Identify the message you really mean to send and address the disconnect between what you think you project and what you actually project
  • The relationship between physical presence, physical space, and communication
  • Communicating effectively as an introvert/extrovert
  • How to handle interruptions with grace and poise
  • How to communicate clearly and effectively during conference calls

When your voice is amplified, your presence reflects who you are and who you want to be with greater ease. Your amplified voice prepares you for greater visibility and gives you the confidence to handle new challenges. You have a greater sense of who you are and how to authentically present yourself in your best light–to show up as the best version of you.

Time Frame: 5 hours of coaching.

Perfect For: Preparing for an important interview/employee review/meeting, asking for a raise and/or promotion, and/or transitioning into a new role.

What’s Included: Identifying your personal communication style/strengths, crafting your message to reflect core values/company culture, finding your authentic voice and putting your best self forward, as well as a detailed written follow-up and email coaching.

Note: This package includes a large amount of information on the theory and practice of effective communication. As a result, there is less time for one-on-one practice in our meetings. Should you want more time to practice with us, our Voice Mastery program (see below) is for you. This Amplify package works best when the client is dedicated and willing to put the info into practice on their own. But the pay-off for this practice is huge — our clients have received large promotions after putting this information to use.  

Cost: $997

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 Voice Mastery-10

This program is about Mastery. And eloquence. Charisma and chemistry. This is about finely honing your message and streamlining your communication so that you can effect change at all levels. This is about creating a deep connection to your audience, understanding how language creates meaning, and intense training on how to use the fundamentals of communication to create engagement and change.

When you claim your message, your voice becomes an instrument of powerful change in the world. This package explores the breadth and depth of what it means to truly communicate, both at a grass-roots level and on the main stage.

To become a skilled master at communication you must fully understand the core values of communication and how to work with them. We offer in-depth, active coaching adapted to your specific and the needs of your work environment.

This involves learning how to:

  • Access more ease, volume, range, and tone in your voice
  • Analyze the “why” of habits that aren’t serving you (talking too quietly/too fast/vocal fry/upspeak, and accent modification if necessary) and how to work within your strengths to move into a more fluid way of speaking
  • Interrupt effectively to bring the conversation back on track and how to stop interrupting so you can listen fully to what’s being communicated
  • Claim the authority and power in your voice and presence, becoming aware of the the full range of your instrument
  • Create a vocabulary for how you communicate
  • Build your charisma and confidence by tapping you into your authentic voice
  • Ride the wave of give-and-take during communication

In addition, we address a complete picture of the individual including:

  • Technical Skills — How to use breath effectively for more connected, less effortful speaking, exploring tone and resonation in a broader palette, and why the body responds to stressful stimuli in the way that it does.
  • Perspective shift — Away from thinking that a “right way” exists. Away from thinking that success lives outside of you. Toward a believe that you already have everything you need to succeed inside of you. Toward acknowledging your own gifts.
  • Self-Awareness — Becoming aware of your own communication habits and expectations is KEY in developing strong vocal skills. Getting comfortable with who you are is the foundation for clear communication.
  • Audience Awareness — Communication needs to connect to its audience in order to have an impact, otherwise its just more noise. We teach you how to use your observation skills to read the room and actively listen (even if you’re giving a speech or presentation) as well as how to craft your message so that your audience can receive it.
  • Owning “It” — Claiming the power of your message and building confidence. Your voice matters and it deserves to be heard.

Past clients have experienced a more grounded voice and a very visible change in confidence. This confidence in turn brought out their innate “it factor”. They have also improved their ability to both listen and be heard. Most importantly, they are able to remember and communicate their message in a powerful and effective way, leading to big changes in how they are perceived at work and in their lives.

Mastering your voice directly impacts how others perceive you. This mastery allows you to deliver your message with killer confidence. When you can share your message, you can live your life to its full potential.

Time Frame: 10 sessions.

Perfect For: Game-changers, world-shakers, and movement-leaders who want to master communication at all levels and across all formats (panels, meetings, keynote speeches, one-on-ones, social, etc.)

What’s Included: Initial diagnostic session, 9 following sessions, email coaching, and initial write up.

Cost: $1797

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